The Business of travelling with kids

Each time I am back from a holiday with my kids, my answer to anyone who asked me about my trip will be: IT”S TIRING!

We already travel light with young kids (a 3 and a 1year old). We ONLY  bring clothes, diapers, and medication. That is it! No bottles, milk formula, snacks, alternative entertainment like gadgets or art and crafts materials etc…. yet we still have to juggle 2 toddlers, 2 luggages (and a mini kid’s one), a pram (babyzen yoyo), and diaper backpack with just 2 pairs of hands.


AND, the plane ride! It’s as if Murphy is riding with us. It’s like all bowels break loose on plane rides for our kids. They can somehow poop before take off, during take off, during flight, before landing, during landing…. AND soil their clothes for the nth time from pooping, from tipping over the food tray, from upsetting drinks that we/flight stewardess/passenger across the aisle may be holding.

Still, we love to travel with our kids. We can’t bear the thought of leaving them here while we travel. Even if all the photos we ever took of our holidays are those of them bathing in the hotel’s bath tub, it still seems worthwhile.

Thankfully, HB will plan it such that we always travel in the most comfortable way at the lowest cost possible.

And he has outdone himself once again….

Come June, we will be flying to Tokyo (finger crossed no more pooping incident!) And we will be flying Business class for 3 full fare and 1 infant fare at the cost of ….*drumroll*





$2000 including airport taxes and surcharges

It will be a flying holiday as we booked late so our itinery is somewhat complicated:

Singapore-Ho Chi Minh-Taipei for day 1. Taipei-Narita for day 2 on the Hello Kitty plane by Eva Air!

And for the return trip it will be Narita-Incheon with a night at Incheon. Incheon to Taipei the next day. And Taipei to Singapore the day after.

But hey, on a somewhat positive outlook…. It will be a fun experience flying a few airlines like SQ, Eva, and Asiana.

How did HB do this? More in the next post! Stay tuned!


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