The Business of travelling with kids…Part 2

Here it is! This is the code break!

To make things easier, say we want to get a pair of Business class tickets to anywhere in Asia. Follow the steps below:


1. Buy SPG points at 25% off during sale (usually happens in May / Nov each year)


You get 20k SPG points for USD$525 (remember to use a good points earning credit card as well). Your SPG account needs to be at least 14 days oldto buy points (a way to circumnavigate this is get someone who has an old account to “gift” the points to you).

Each person can only buy a max of 20K points per year.

So you can use say 2 SPG accounts (Yours and your spouse’s/dad’s /mum’s etc.) to buy a total of 40K SPG points.


2. Transfer 20K SPG points from 1 SPG account to the other. So you will have 40K SPG points. 


3. Transfer to Aeroplan

Open an Air Canada Aeroplan account.

Transfer 20K SPG points to your Aeroplan account when there is a transfer promotion. This happens usually 2 times a year  during May / Nov )


When you transfer 20K SPG, SPG gives you a 5K bonus ( )

Then you transfer another 20K SPG points the next day again.

So in all, you will get 50K aeroplan miles in your account.


4. As the transfer bonus gives 10K bonus miles (20%) for the 50K miles transferred, you will now have 60K miles. Enough for 2x Asia business class or 3x Asia Economy class tickets which you can book via Aeroplan Website or Call Center (CAD$30 fee applies, excluding taxes and fuel surcharges)



Aeroplan does not impose fuel surcharges on Air China, Brussels, EgyptAir, Ethiopian, EVA Air, Scandinavian, Singapore, Swiss, Turkish and United. 

Another way is to route flights through cities which cap fuel surcharges such as Hong Kong.

Quite a decent deal for $1080 USD for a pair of Business class tickets to anywhere in Asia isn’t it? Let me know if you have a better deal!


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