How would you like to spend a $100 and get back $50?

This is what we did at Raffles City Shopping Centre!

We bought groceries and necessities at Jason’s market and Watson’s and got back $80 worth of Capitaland mall vouchers for $160 spent.

All you have to do is:

Tap & Go with MasterCard
Make contactless payments with MasterCard and redeem CapitaVoucher worth 50% off the value of your transactions

Limited to max $50 vouchers per customer per day. Payment must be made with Mastercard Paypass meaning you got to tap the card, not swipe it.

Not many merchants have the paypass machine yet… Watson’s and Jason’s market have it, so do Subway and some eateries. This is not the first time they have this promotion, we used to buy Cold Storage vouchers from Jason’s Market to spend at Giant and still get the the $50 capitaland mall vouchers. This time round it seems that the guidelines are stricter, no vouchers purchases allowed.

Still, great to spend money buying things we NEED, and have 50% cash voucher redemption to splurge on things we WANT isn’t it?



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