2 adults, 2 kids: 1 destination, 3 stopovers, 8 connections.

We will be going on our travel soon (yeah~), and as I mentioned before in my previous post, we have a rather complicated flight itinerary. *finger cross we catch all our flights*

When I mentioned my flight itinerary to a friend, I remember she literally burst out laughing for some time… Yes, that is how ridiculous our flight is. We will be flying for 5 days for a 5.5day stay in Tokyo! We really booked this holiday too late, but looking on the bright side, we will be doing all the flying at one go that it will be probably quite some time before we have the I-wish-I-can-check-in-for-a-flight withdrawal whenever we bring the kids to the airport and watch the planes take off.

I mean…Look at this!!!

Day 1 – Singapore to Bangkok to Taipei.

Day 2 – Taipei to Narita

Day 8 – Narita to Incheon

Day 9 – Incheon to Taipei to Hongkong

Day 10 – Hongkong to Hanoi to Singapore! *phew*

Truth be told, I am having cold feets. However,I am also relatively excited about the stopover in Hongkong. Besides wanting to visit CItygate, I was hoping to catch this










Photo credit: Courtesy of PMQ

It may sound cliché, but with this itinerary I choose to see my glass half full. *prepares for 8 hours x 5 days with sugar high kids in an enclosed space*. Keep us in prayers if you remember!


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