6 days Japan and 1 day Taipei, 1 day Korea, 1 day Hong Kong trip…. Part 1

We are back! It’s been one of most draining but deeply satisfying trips we have ever made, simply because we managed NOT to lose our sanity travelling with 2 toddlers. The last 3 days especially have been a whirlwind of collecting immigration stamps, checking ins, taking offs, landings etc….

Take a look at our collection of boarding passes!


And our kids’ collection of airline toys and goodies!


It sure felt like we have accomplished some sort of feat looking at these collections!

Day 1 – SQ to HCM and Eva to Taipei

We travel  light, our luggage for a 10 days trip with 2 toddlers in tow consist of everything in this pic. We checked in the purple luggage through to Narita while carrying the rest with us for our 1 night in Taipei.


It was a short and relatively chaotic trip to HCM (warming ups). Our trip to Taipei was much better, and….I love Eva’s seats (Eva Royal Laurel)!



A enjoying juice before take off





Z after HD ice cream


As we had to catch another flight the next day, we stayed at Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International International Airport (http://www.novoteltaipeiairport.com/) voted Traveller’s Choice 2014 by trip advisor. They even have a cosy kid’s corner with Wii.

Not wanting to waste our short stay in Taiwan, we visited the Airport Museum just a stone throw away from the hotel.


Day 2 – Eva’s Hello Kitty plane to Narita



It was a flight with lots of Hello Kitty. Highly recommended for HK fans. Look at the luggage tags, boarding passes, boarding gates….cuteness overdose.




play area in boarding gate

And inside the airplane


Touching down in Narita, we were planning on catching the Narita Express to our airport. Alas!


And our eyes were too tired from watching inflight movies to navigate through this:   download

So we opt to splurge on airport limo bus transfer to our hotel (Intercontinental Tokyo bay) costing about USD$31 each.


view from hotel room

After a quick clean up, we are up and about again to Odaiba diver city to catch the gundam show screening available every night.


moving on to Odaiba Diver City


Gundam RX-78 standing at 18m tall… People just look miniscule besides it. IMG_20140613_185544

We can’t stop wondering what this 金箍棒 look-a-like structure is. Turns out this sculpture is a gift from France called the Flame of Liberty.


Next we hopped over after dinner to Venus Forte, a shopping arena with a faux Italian dawn celling, while cutting through the Historical car museum.

IMG_20140613_202205 IMG_20140613_202048


And it’s back to the hotel for rest. The kids are worn out from the day of travelling!


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