Staycation…Not quite

We have a new staycation location nowadays – Hilton Doubletree hotel








In jay….






Wait for it







Yes! Over the long weekend of Hari Raya, and the National Day weekend, AND the upcoming September school holidays, we have a total of 3 staycations across the causeway!

AND yes! We do not know how to drive, so we are crazy enough to lug our 2 young kids via public transport across the causeway, queues and jams and all!

You might be curious – why go through all these hassles when you could have a more relaxing staycation in Singapore?

Allow us to share our reasons before passing the verdict, are we are pure insanity/smart planners?

Firstly, of course it’s the price! Hilton Doubletree is a new hotel in Johor so besides the very low initial booking fees, we got it even lower than what is publicized on the website! (more about that later)

DSC_0048_1 DSC_0052

Secondly, my husband wants to clock 4 nights of stays with Hilton using his Hhonours membership. It allows him to gain points, and upgrade his membership status, so for our future overseas trip, we can get free room upgrades by booking the cheapest room with no breakfast, and have lounge access for breakfast, tea, happy hour etc. (Yes, we have been upgraded to suites before purely because of hotel status) A great perk isn’t it, if you want to travel in comfort on a budget. To clock the same number of nights in Singapore will easily set us back by $1.2k for 4 nights.

Thirdly, it’s a NEW hotel! So every thing is spick and span and new. The location is great for us as it is just about 10mins walk away from the causeway, or RM$6 by cab (RM$3 by meter)DSC_0025_1DSC_0030DSC_0031_1


Washing machine!


Pantry with microwave oven!


Lastly, there are really lots of things for us to do in JB. For kids of course there is Legoland,The  Little Big Club and Sanrio Hello Kitty town. There are lots of shopping places, and great cafes.

And a new upcoming mall, Komtar JBCC –

We won’t have to make a trip there, only to rush out again in the evening again with the crowd. We can stay over, have a late check out, a swim before checking out and leisurely cross the causeway at a low peak hour while everyone is still making their way to JB.


So how good is the deal?

Cash Rates

Opening rates are RM288++ for 1st month, with rates going up to RM306++ from August onwards. However, this rate does not include breakfast / Wifi.

There is a Hhonors weekend rate for 2 nights stay that can be as low as RM$318++/night around Malaysia Merdeka Day with free breakfast / Wifi and late checkout AND double points earning.

Advance Purchase rates can be as low as RM234++.

But this is not the cheapest, for us we book via the below:

Redemption using HHonor Points

Being a Hhonor member and having some Hilton points, this hotel is great news as it is a CAT 1 hotel – the cheapest in Hilton categories.

So to redeem a free night, all you need is 5000 Hhonor points outright or 2000 hhonor points and RM90++ for a P&M (points and money redemption).

How do you get Hhonor points? 

Either by staying at Hilton group of hotels or you can transfer from credit card points from American Express Membership Rewards or CitiPremier Miles.

For us we used 2000 Hhonours point and Rm90++ (SGD $36++)

But that’s not all!

Breakfast and Lounge Access

Unless you are a Gold / Diamond member with Hilton, you would not get free breakfast / Wifi with your stay.

However, there is an option (and this is what we did) to do an e-Standby upgrade to an executive room from as low as RM80++ when they send you the booking confirmation in email.

So when you upgrade is successful at check-in, you pay the additional RM80++ and get breakfast / Wifi / lounge access, in addition to staying in a much bigger room!

So for a 2000 hhonor points and RM90++ P&M booking, together with the RM80++ upgrade, you would pay only RM170++ in cash for a hotel stay with breakfast / Wifi / lounge access. (That works out to SGD$68++ for us)


DSC_0021_1 Lounge happy hour


DSC_0018_1 Lounging away…bottoms up


As an opening special, JBDT is giving away 1000 Hhonors points per stay. So effectively, you will only spend 1000 Hhonors points + RM170++ for your stay!

Anyone on for a stay and trip to Legoland during the Sep holidays?


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